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Just Another Manic Monday  
05:09am 30/01/2019
oh you can try to live in darkness kid
but you will never shake the light

it will wake you every morning child
and make you more aware of its presence at night


sunrise, the sun sets.  sunrise the sun set.
swiftly, go the days.

the sun rises, then the sun sets.  the sun rises, then the sun sets.
will you ever feel okay?

yeah...so i had to go to the hospital the other day, wasn't admitted though, perhaps i was just a bit hysterical... that's all.  just a flippant kid.  i haven't had much sleep since i got home though.  sleeping maybe four to five hours, and feeling refreshed.  i know what's happening, but i don't think my body does...shit.
mood: bouncybouncy
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