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pepsi, not coke!  
03:04am 02/07/2020
the doctor gave  me a pot prescription, so i guess he thinks its okay for me, but just like any other med, you dont use it all the time.  would you take aspirin like it was candy?  no, so i dont smoke it like that.  i can count on one hand all the times i smoked pot this year, and the year is more than half way over!

there, thats as antidrug as i need to get...because if it was up to me, it wouldnt be a perscription, but a god damned mother fucking right as a 'Merican citizen.

i mean you can have up to an Oz. in 16 states before you can even think of having a CIVIL offence.  war on drugs, bah.
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: seaside - the kooks
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