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Souls? Hmmm?  
06:36am 14/01/2019
SO much pain, I mean like you would not believe.

1 undisclosed pain pill later

still in SO much pain

now i know a disease that these doctors cant treat
a contract you sign
on the day you accept all that you see
it's a mirror; a mirror is all it can be
it reflects something worth seeing

and language just happened
it was never planed
and its inadaquit to discribe where i am
in the room of my house
where the lights never been
waiting for the day to end

and these clocks keep unwinding
they completely ignor
everything we love to hate or adore
when the light turns
and the calander is turned
it is no more
so tell me what was it for
just tell me then, what was it for.

so I'm a pretty flippant person
skeptical to boot

I once OD'ed to get back at my ex
while on the way to the emergency room
the paramedic asked me if i believe in God
I replied "Didn't get the chance to met him tonight"

^^...true story...^^
mood: soresore
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