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goals. or think happy thoughts  
03:46am 11/03/2019
get crystal a bomb ass anniversary gift, and a very nice birthday gift, cus i know when i get to that time of year i will have no money, but in may i am supposed to have tons of money from my pell grant.  so i have to like get really a really good grade in math, which i am fairly sure i will get, god permeting, but i dont think i will fail because this is my third math class, and i only failed one of them.  i just hope that i get enough money to get the things i want too. i was thinking about a computer, jewlery, and some MCR merch,  i really have no idea for sure, but PURE silver rings are pretty nice, and reasonably priced.  you can get stacker rings for a good price, and they are made one at a time from this one chick who calls her bussniess silverbykari. 

i also wanna have crystal at least accept my leap toward paganism...  i believe in it, and it doesnt matter too much if she does, but i do respect everyones religion, although i might seem a bit jaded at times and course.

and above all, i REALLY REALLY RRRREEEEAAALLLYY want to pass this math class, so i CAN get all of this stuff.  so cross your fingers, hang your herbs, pray, carry your gems, just do anything that makes people do what they do to pass their math courses!!!
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
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