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I AM  
02:19am 23/03/2019
i am not getting high, i am just dosing my self with benadryl so i dont freak out, and go to sleep faster.

i am not perscribed any meds to help with anxiety, so please, stop stealing them!  they will not get you high, they might even kill you, you know who you are (richie)

i am an avid Tiffany and Co. fan, i plan on getting my wife some stuff from there this anniversary (5th year, oh my goodness!!)

i am addicted to caffine, cigarettes, and geodon.  the latter of which throws me in to seizer fits if i dont get it

i am very much attracted to gold and silver and pearls.  i have many pieces made out these that i have bought and bought for my wife

i am VERY lucky when it comes to scratch off tickets.  i won every time i played, except twice.  my highest winnings were $100....three times.  latest winnings, $25

i am afride to go to bed with no one in the house, and the only drug i can do alone is alcohol

i am aloof and have a flat affect...  as i have been told by countless doctors
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