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all you starry eyed fiends  
03:35am 05/04/2019
i have just got the most awesome version of fire fox in the world!!!  no, you must sit down if you ever try to dl  Firefox 4.0.  it used to be beta, and i am sure that it will have more upgrades to come, but i can not tell you how effn cool this browser is.  it is cooler than a polar bears finger nail.  yeah, that cool.

but enough about that.

i am in elation over drive, and this vodka just added a super charger.  i have been feeling manic for the past month or so, and i think that i am this way because of the geodon is messing up my system...ya know the k-alpha blockers found in atypicals have a way of precipitating mania in most bipolar patients, don't ya...of course you don't because you never took 3rd year pharmacology...lol

but ya, i am going to have to tell my pdoc that something is up.  i might need an intramuscular injection, ya know, just to get me down from this crazy train...  horrible.  i mean it feels good to be manic, but not sleeping for days on end kinda sucks, and then the sleep you do get is disjointed and troubled.

but anyways, i think its time i do take my meds and just wing it on the sleep thing.  i am at home...in my own bed, so that should help at least a little bit
mood: bouncybouncy
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06:54am 15/04/2011 (UTC)
Great work keep it coming, best blog on earth

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