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good to see this place still exist!  
12:50am 17/12/2021
well, it has been awhile, hasn't it?  i have done alot of things since then, and not much of it is very becoming.  firstly, i have done nothing but my best to try and keep my head up, and stand tall...but i have come to find that that is quite hard, no matter how strong a chin or back you have. 

second, i have moved, moved alot, i am going to be brief about this, even if this is what bothers me most.  lets start by saying i was hasty in moving from my apartment.  i had no place to live, and i had no thought of repercussion.  i am honest to say that i am happier now.  me and my wife have found good lodging at her father's house.  We are making due with what we have, and we are being kind to her father, even if the house is dweary.  our room is clean and inviting, cozy, if i were to venture.

in parting, i would like to wish every one a merry christmas, even if the weather is mild and green.
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04:49pm 17/12/2012 (UTC)
frippy: Naruto: Hokage
good to hear from you for sure. happy holidays!
picword: Naruto: Hokage
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