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12:52am 14/10/2016
It's been very good over here. I am staying at a cheap place, renting out my friend's upstairs, you know, living off the books, but I still have all of my pertinents set up here. And omg I'm 31 years old now, I was just a young buck she I posted 1st Transmission, and I swear i thought this whole journaling thing was just a weird way to elusively tie people into your life, but the young me was quite flippant, and rather calloused. Idk, but I'm just saying that of all the things that I have done in my life, you know, as far as total years applied to one particular project, then shit, livejournal has almost every thing beat...i mean I still feed myself and wear pants, with the best if them rofl.

Anyway, so I'm just doing my thing, you know, still living in the same area, still playing guitar and killing it at TTI, oh yeah, and weed smoking is somehow more tolerable than alcohol these days...so i guess that's like a plus!

Well I created this account in 2004.

I was 19.

It's now 2016.

I'm 31.

That's like 12 years...you've seen my incredible, roaring twenties!

Oh shit, I'll never stop filling this here journal, it just feels soooo riiiight LOL
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