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Mrs. Scott called me and told me, real friends are real friends long after they die.  
12:53pm 08/01/2019
i want to be a hippie
but i forgot how to love
its hard to be garbage man
when the dog stole your glove
i wanna be wreckless
but I'm feeling too uptight

indie boys are neurotic
I'm running out of ethnic friends
damn you broken busted jeans
chafing me again
there's no such thing as a harmless toke
there's no such thing camel jack

i like it when my hair is puffy
i like when you slip me a ruffy
i like it when you're a little bit whack
i like it when YOU YOU YOU GOT THE CRACK

all i wanna do is stay up late with you
and watch cartoons
and maybe spoon

i do none of the afore mentioned, nor do i endorse it . :3
mood: hehheh
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There's a way life reminds you of how doors can open and people just walk in.  
12:19pm 08/01/2019
holy crap, do i feel awesome!  im almost done with my degree, which i have one class left in, and i think that i am dong quite well in my history class, which is about America after WWII.

any ways, it looks like my aunt died.  she was 90 something, so i guess that she lived a long life.  and it not like it was her time to go, because it really wasn't, she got the flu real bad, and i guess she just couldn't shake it, but all in all she was 90 something, so any older, i guess she would really be in bad shape...just out of pure elderly-ness.

so anyways,

im getting really into this new artist; Kimya Dawson.

and that's all about whats new.

you're fat, ugly and  stupid
you should really be ashamed
you wont be good at anything
(I got real good at feeling bad
And that's why I'm still here)
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
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farewell to the homogenous - too many creepers  
02:19am 04/01/2019
so lets see.

jr's going to jail
im still good in college
less noticeably psycho
should buy stock in caffine

so yeah, my life seems to be on the up and up, while it seems that other people in my family are kina in a hard spot.  jr's...wife?  sorta wife?   third!!!! wife!!!!  well anyways, since hes going to jail, and they are pretty much homeless for reasons im not gonna bring online, i have no idea where she is gonna be going...like for real, ya know.  hope she has a good family that will bring her in...cuse shes not staying with me!!!  we can shack her up with the kitties...lol  have her sleep on the shoe rug...no... im just kidding.  but i really dont know how supporting her family is going to be, after they told her not to marry jr.  i dont know, haha...drama is kinda my thing.  i dont get off on it, but it is a great way to view the world...: Drama...DRAMA!!!!  ACTION!!!!   i guess its the suspence that holds me.  i know how paraless life can be.  i mean come on, i got thown out of my mom house at 18, just because.  no warning...JUST BECAUSE.  she was like, welp, your out of school, you graduated, and youre a manager....BYE BYE!!!  but yeah, stuff like that.  you just never know.  your house could burn down, car accident...or like me, you could just have a series of off beat happenings, and by fools luck, land on your feet.

but yeah, its been a wicked few weeks, the holidays are far too real; never being home, family you never met (my couson has TWO kids!?) and dad trying to get back with mom...now hes an effing creeper.

but yup.  no run ins with up-the-butt-girl, so that took the awkwardness out of the holidays.  seriously, i have to scout whos at the tobacco lane any more-lame.

and one more thing

FUCK YOU, greedy Nhilist, no one likes an enigma.
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(no subject)  
10:54pm 15/10/2017

more free stuff on Listia</div>
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(no subject)  
10:51pm 15/10/2017

i dunno...im just some broke ass sicko living in some broke ass town.

  things i have done today:

saw the parade, homecoming that is.

roasted a box elder bug alive, placed him in the toilet, pooped on him, took a sitting piss, then flushed his black and red arthropod ass back to hell (diffently the highlight of my day).

drank like a dozen cups of Coke

drank ten more

played mario 3

gave away a kitten 

decided to grow a moustache

woke up at in-law's, got a ride home from in-law (which is where i found the poor bastard box elder bug)

took a nap

gave up on moustache

come to listia, a get free stuff, for free!!

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To the sea, everything must go.  
10:58pm 01/07/2017
something somewhere
everyplace I go
noises and faces
fill up my eyes

the universe on her tounge
sweet summer switch grass
black cavendish;  the din of silence
...I rest and I realize

I am here
I am with her
we are the now
the poets start to gossip and drool
mood: awake!awake!
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What could you possibly see, in a pig like me!  
02:39pm 29/06/2017
i love you, Windows 7
i love you, mystery girl from japan
i love you, Mrs. guinn
i love you , Rivers Cumeo
but most of all...
...i love you, cleo puppy; happy birthday.
location: comfy recliner
mood: drunkdrunk
music: Accross the Sea - Weezer
tags: jamie
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We may die from the medication, but in the end it sure killed all the pain.  
05:19am 15/06/2017

this might seem a bit mean, or at least hypocritical, but late at night, while i am just bushed and tired as all fuck, i start to look at people's journals whom have met the search criteria for 'schizophrenic'...: and man is that quite...quite disturbing(?) perhaps...

of course these are simple type schizophrenics who are writing these journals, but it kinda stands to bullocks that i could be that way some day, simple and mild or otherwise.  i am glad to have the graden variety type; odd and eccentric.

but yeah, these peole have no clear direction to their writing.  there is nothing that binds them to coherent speech. 

fuck, i dont wanna grow old, gray, and fall into a stupor at the age of 35....damn.,


some boyhood bravery
when a telephone was some tin can on a string
and i fell asleep with you still talking to me
you told me you werent afride to die

in poloroids
you were dressed in womens clothes
 were you made ashamed
lock them in a drawer
well i dont think i ever loved you more
 then when you turned away
 when you slammed the door
stole the car
drove toward mexico
where you wrote bad checks
just to fill your arms
i was young enough
i still believed in war

let the poets cry themselves to sleep
and all their tearfull words
will turn back to steam

me? im just a single cell
on the seperant's tounge
theres a mud field now
where a garden was
and im glad you got away
but im still stuck out here
my clothes are soaking wet
from your brothers tears

and i never thought this life was possible
youre the yellow bird that ive been waiting for
the end of paralisys
i was a statuette
now im drunk as hell
on a piano bentch
and when i press the keys
they all come out reversed
they sound of lonliness
it makes me happier


mood: i dont even know anymore....i dont even know anymore....
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socialist review  
11:33pm 03/06/2017

lauren kroll was a good girl
she said their's no hell when you die
so dont look so worried

she said it was the love of money
not the market
that those fuckers passed on you

got a night life, lost her day job
pushing papers
swinging pendalums

any thing to serve a function
or to occupy your time

you gotta earn your credit some how
you're good as dead without
a bankaccount

funny how her life fell down
in that unemployment line

got into drugs and turned around
drove out thru the crowd and those cops
 drove out past, thru those center walls and the sickening sprawl

maybe she lost controll
fucking with the radio
but i bet those stars looked so close at the end!
at the end!!
at the end.



mood: boredbored
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If seeing is believing, then look where you're at!  
02:52am 24/05/2017

if the lakes
took the place of the sea
if the cars drove them selves
visa ve
when the trains come  in
take the road
interstate Michigan

still i come back
to the place where i was raised
i belong
i belong

still i  know
what to wear on my back
Ford and Cadillac


mood: deviousdevious
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